Document Management Software FAQs

Learn more about Document Management System (DMS). SftDox is powered by dynamic features including OCR, plus document importing, scanning, reporting, storing, searching, retrieving, and more.

What is a Document Management System?

Document Management System enables quick and easy access to business documents with prior approval. It simplifies multi-level access, document storage, sorting, and document management in a data-secured environment.

SftDox is an advanced Document Management System that helps you save your documents electronically.  SftDox can be customized further to accommodate your business needs. You can easily store, update, track and manage business records and documents in a data-secured environment. Easy workflows and access controls allows only authorized individuals to access relevant records.

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Which document formats are supported by SftDox?

SftDox allows you to store a wide array of users to create, share and distribute all forms of electronic documents, which can be accessed with any device (mobile, laptop, desktop), from anywhere. Word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, reports, audio, video, forms, photographs, artwork, drawings, engineering documents, and virtually any other file format can be stored in SftDox.

Wide number of industries use SftDox as the most reliable document management system.

How do I integrate my legacy systems with newer technologies?

SftDox integrates seamlessly with your current technology ecosystem through open web API. It is  adaptable, configurable, and easy-to-scale SaaS platform.  Businesses use SftDox for processing, managing, storing, and accessing information using smart and simple methods.

Work easily with Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, Outlook express, SAP, and other third party applications. Keep using the tools you are familiar with and let SftDox organize, manage, and connect business information.

Learn more about SftDox Capabilities and Key Features

Can SftDox Document Management system be extended to clients, customers, and vendors?

Regular business operations and management generate a huge number of documents. All these crucial business information must be stored safely and securely with a DMS. A DMS speeds up the working processes of the company by easily converting documents into their digital formats. It can then covert the documents into PDF, JPG, and other standard formats that make documentation tracking seamless.

SftDox easily works with your internal and external vendors within the organizational policies. Extend the use of SftDox to your clients, vendor base or customers in a secured environment. It simplifies  document management, increases efficiency and extends business functionalities

How will my company benefit from using a document management system?

Document maagement system is the only way to organize you business documents digitally. It helps your company to become more efficient and save a lot of money. SftDox document management system can capture, index, edit, retrieve, annotate, and distribute electronic documents through a local area network (LAN), Wide area network (WAN), e-mail, fax, printer, or link other software to your document management system for custom solutions. It can even distribute a wide array of information in different formats.

You can easily Control your data, Collaborate with ease, Improve Compliance. Your employees can access information from their remote location. See the List of Features

How easy it is to migrate document files in and out of SftDox?

SftDox is hassle-free electronic document management for business. Your files stay safe and secure with SftDox. Get started in no time with with SftDox. You can easily migrate your business documents from your old legacy paper based documentation to SftDox. Our experts can help you further to explore options.   Contact Us

What are the benefits of a cloud-based document management system?

Better and more convenient accessibility, reduced dependency on stationery and other equipment, lesser paper usage reducing deforestation, rapid deployment, heightened security, swift business operation and management. These are the key benefits of shifting to a cloud-based document management system.

Differences between Document Management System (DCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

There is often a blur line between DMS and ECM. An Enterprise Content Management includes the features of a great DMS. ECM appeals to those looking to manage and configure large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Common ECM features – Digital asset management (DAM), Indexing, Document collaboration, Workflows, Audit trails, Business process management, Email management and Imaging.

Document management systems (DMS) is technically the core of ECM. Electronic Content Management could not exist without its ability to manage documents. Common DMS features are Custom Workflows, Audit trails, Smart Indexing & Search, OCR, Collaboration, Versioning.

A good ECM needs a robust DMS, providing companies with an efficient means to organize, retain, and safeguard their documents.  A DMS is at its core a simplified ECM system. SFTdox is an advanced document management system that can be further customized as an efficient ECM.
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What are the advantages of an open-source- document management system?

An open-source document management system brings in a host of benefits like workflow automation, a higher degree of flexibility, freedom from physical storage space, improved security for data storage, better data recovery, and more. Swift and flawless operations are important prerequisites of every business, irrespective of its industry and size. SftDox brings in all those features of an advanced document management system.

What should I look for in an electronic document management system software?

Document management is excellent for record-keeping, secured storage and smooth document management are some of the keys assured utilities that you can expect from SftDox. It lets you run your business more efficiently.


As your regular business operations will keep generating more and more data, it automatically gets stored in an allotted space following a defined path. Only authorized users can access, use, and update it following the pre-defined guidelines. Every time data gets updated, it marks the user who edits it. Thus, keeping a track of the data and preventing unwanted manipulation of the same. SftDox has all the great features of a document management software (DMS).

Why use SftDox document management software? What are its benefits?

Requirement for space, for storing organization records keeps increasing with every passing day. When you need one document, you need to go through the piled-up files to find it. It takes up a substantial amount of time, energy, and focus which you could have invested in core requirements. SftDox digitizes all documentation, storage, usage, and management. Your documents are stored as data on private servers or cloud. You can access it from anywhere and anytime. It supports flexible working, ensures  document security by allowing authorized accesses only. You can operate and manage a paperless office, curtail stationery and document related costs.

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