Document Management Software for Real Estate

You can go paperless with SftDox for CAD drawings, audit trails, and version control.

Construction Involves a Lot of Roadblocks

SftDox enables technology advancements into construction. Integrated processes with agents of a similar value chain into singular digital environments.

Support for mobile workforce

Your bid must be easily accessible so that you can refer to it if the client calls with questions.

It's possible that you'll be working with a number of different subcontractors. Each will have their own set of paperwork, such as bids, agreements, invoices, etc.

DMS simplifies it all

There is a reputation for delays in the construction industry. SftDox allows you to provide better services to your clients and gets work done on schedule.

Digitization of architectural documents, CAD and DXF drawings has many advantages

You don't need to spend a lot of time searching through your filing cabinets to find papers you need. When you use a DMS, you can search with keywords to find business document, be it an AutoCad or architectural drawing or any electronically digitized paper work. With SftDox you can capture, store, manage processes, share and track all real estate documents with controlled access and guidelines.

SftDox is a SaaS platform that offers key capabilities to Architects, Real Estate and Construction companies

Collaboration and Productivity

  • Manage all of your business related documents electronically
  • Remote sharing of data and information, so you are always prompt with approvals and information
  • Scalable and flexible for any real estate and construction business

Security and Privacy

  • Restricted unauthorized viewing of confidential documents
  • Use audit trail to find who and when the last audit was done
  • Create guidelines to protect citizens' and public privacy

Organize your Bid Documents Easily

SftDox is a leading document management system that secures and processes critical bidding and other critical documents.

User Friendly

Quick learning of SftDox allows to faster adoption. Customizable dashboard offers a more focused decision making. Take print outs only when needed.

Flexible and Scalable

SftDox is cloud-based solution. This allows organizations to instantly increase users and storage as your institution grows. Customize as per your business needs.

Security and Privacy

SftDox lets you manage internal & external access to high-value, sensitive documents as per organizational policies. SftDox creates an audit trail around who has accessed or changed your documents within guidelines.


In the age of digitization, control your business from any remote location, anytime, anywhere. Collaborate with your construction through mobile app.

Let us make SftDox Offical

Our DMS team can show you how Document Management System can help reduce paper hassle.